Enhancing Machine Translation with Post-Editing Expertise

With the rapid development of AI technologies such as deep learning, neural networks, and large language models, machine translation is increasingly being utilized in production and business activities.

Machine Translation: Advantages and Limitations

The advantages of machine translation are evident, including fast speed and low cost. However, accuracy has always been a pain point. Although the latest machine translation engines/services, such as DeepL and chatGPT, are already very close to manual translation in many areas, this level of accuracy can only meet the daily needs of individuals and still cannot meet the industrial and commercial applications that require extreme precision. Most customers still require manual review.

A Team of MTPE Experts

Since 2018, our team has dedicated ourselves to becoming experts in Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE). Over the years, we have successfully completed millions of words of MTPE projects across various industries. Our extensive experience has allowed us to work with the most prominent machine translation engines available in the market, such as Amazon Translate, Microsoft Azure, Google Translate, DeepL, and even the cutting-edge chatGPT. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in machine translation technology, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality post-edited translations to our clients.

Comprehensive MTPE Solutions

Our team offers comprehensive MTPE services, including assisting clients in selecting suitable machine translation engines, utilizing pre-translated files, evaluating translation quality, and expertly post-editing to achieve manual translation levels. We ensure exceptional quality by rigorously assessing machine translation outputs, employing industry-standard metrics and our own evaluation methods. Our skilled linguists bridge the gap between automation and human touch, enhancing accuracy, fluency, and cultural appropriateness. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we deliver impeccable translations that surpass expectations.

Prepare File

Extract translatable content from the file and convert it to xliff bilingual format for further processing. At the same time, analyze the word count of the file and prepare a glossary.

Select Engine

Choose the appropriate machine translation engine based on the content and domain of the document.


Use the selected machine translation engine API to pre-translate the file, while intervening in the machine translation process with the prepared glossary to achieve better accurcy.


Professional translation teams perform MTPE and QA to ensure the quality reaches the level of human translation.

In our services, you do not need to pay for using the machine translation engine; you only need to pay for the MTPE service. 

For projects with low budgets or tight deadlines, using our MTPE service is an excellent choice.