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Asian Union Technologies (AUT) has over 15 years of experience in the localization and translation industry, and its founding team members are all localization veterans.

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We offer 1-Stop localization services, 

including Document Translation, Website Localization, Software Localization, Video Localization, e-Learning Localization, Game Localization and DTP.

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Why Choose Us

Veteran Translation Team

In-house translators and reviewers with 8-15 years of experience.

Contracted linguists have 5-10 years of professional experience.

PM project management volume per capita exceeds 1500 cases.

Agile Delivery

Multiple PMs from multiple time zones are on standby to accommodate your delivery demands 24X7.

Our 1328 contracted linguists enable us to handle urgent and large tasks.

Professional Expertise & Quality Guarantee

ISO 9001:2015-certified Quality Management System.

Customer-proven Quality Control processes.

Localization know-how gathered over 15 years.

Affordable Price

No project management fee.

Offer large volume discount.

Prices are flexible and negotiable based on your specific cases.

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