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Asian Union Technologies Co., Ltd is a professional translation and localization service provider with corporate offices in Hong Kong, China and branch office in Shenzhen, China.

It was founded in January 2003. When we first started, our main business was to provide Simplified Chinese localization services to IBM China. We have completed numerous IBM software localization projects involved in PC, DB2, AS/400, RS/6000, Programming Languages, HTML etc., and have since accumulated extensive experience and skills in the software localization industry. At the same time, we have trained and developed a highly qualified and professional localization team. Asian Union has since grown to become the leading provider of Chinese localization solutions. 

Through 13-year development, Asian Union has become stronger than before. With more than 50 full time employees, and 3000+ in-country linguists worldwide, we are able to offer translation services in 60+ languages, and DTP services in 80+ languages.

We focus on every detail. For your every project, we always assign one dedicated Project Manager to follow your specific needs. We are Reliable, Professional, Responsive, and Cost-effective. Asian Union is the best localization partner for your Asia expansion!

So far, Asian Union has established a long term, stable business relationship with hundreds of clients all over the world. We have maintained a good reputation in the localization industry with excellent in-house team, highly qualified freelance database, as well as the great support from our clients. Our clients include world famous Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, BMW, IBM, GE, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Tyco, and more. We are looking forward to establishing cooperation relationships with more and more new clients in the world. We are expecting the brilliant future!

Our Team
Asian Union has maintained a stable professional in-house team, and has built an increasing freelance database with more than 2000 linguists all over the world. 

I. In-house Team
So far we have more than 40 full time employees. They are:
Project Management Team: Our in-house PM team always responds to clients needs immediately. They are efficient, reliable, and professional. They are mainly responsible for communicating between project teams and clients, strictly monitoring of each phase, and ensuring successful project delivery.
Editing Team: Our in-house Chinese reviewers are grouped into Arts and Science groups. Each group is responsible for its specialized fields. With many years of translation experience, our linguists can ensure the best quality and minimize mistakes. For non-Chinese languages, we usually arrange specialized reviewers to ensure quality. Improvement and meticulous is our editing style.
DTP Team: Our in-house professional DTP specialists have 6+ years of localization typesetting experience. They are proficient in using a variety of DTP applications on PC and Mac, and rigidly follow the Asian Union DTP process. Our DTP QA experts focus on each detail of the DTP quality, and try to keep the time it takes for correction down to a minimum, thus ensuring on-time, or even early delivery.
Engineering Team: Our engineering team specializes in the intense study and solving of technical problems found in localization. Our team has helped plenty of clients overcome tough localization engineering problems that other agencies cannot fix, and has earned trust and praise from these clients.

II.   Freelance Team:
We believe a highly qualified translation team is the key to project success. Our Human Resource department has taken great efforts to acquire excellent resources. An effective human resource management system lends us the capability of maintaining an extremely efficient database, as well as high availability, by issuing quality tests, undergoing translation history review, and regularly checking new translators’ quality.
The translators we work with are selected among many applicants and filtered through years of successful cooperation. They have in-depth expertise in various industries and are very experienced in translation and localization. Our freelance team is a globalization team. They are all native speakers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, North America, Europe, etc. Professional, reliable and excellence are the standards of Asian Union's freelance ethic.
Our translators educational degree proportion is: 20% Ph.D, 50% master’s degree, and 30% bachelor’s degree. With staff who are highly trained, professional, punctual, and who provide the highest level of service, we expect to serve more and more clients in China and overseas.

From Customer

We have accumulated abundant of translation experiences. Each phase has its quality controlled from receipt of source files until final delivery. Through cooperation between the professionals with related in-depth expertise and our in-house reviewers, we can ensure the clients get the satisfied services and products.

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